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• Highways pavements with sides works.
• Designing buildings, bridges and construction.
• Rehabilitation internal and external roads and park areas.
• Constructing Reservoir and fabricating steel structures for industrial shed.
• Establishment and rehabilitation of the row and pure water pumping stations.
• Design and implementation of row and pure water networks.
• Design and implementation sewage water (heavy water) and raining water networks.
• Steel Structure and Building structures
• Equipment supports, skids, Platforms and stairways
• Digging Channels and wells.
• Warehouse Constructions, Caravan fabrications and installation.
• Supplying all necessary equipment and materials for construction (basis maintainers, diggers, cranes, cement factory.
• Establishment and rehabilitation sewage water pumping stations.
• Establishment and maintenance works of all types of buildings.
• Building and rehabilitation of schools, hospitals and all different types of structures.